Wynd360 Foundation is an autonomous organization founded in July 2017, registered under Indian Trust Act 1882, dedicated to introducing an alternative earth by implementing multitudinous initiatives and ingenious propositions with a pivotal focus on the reinvigorate of art and social welfare through economic empowerment.


A foundation for the innovation, construction, rejuvenation, and promotion of multidisciplinary initiatives, activities, dialects, and aspects. We strive to challenge the stagnant and obsolete prototypes and introduce diverse as well as eternal new aesthetics of multi generic thoughts and ideas and dedicate ourselves to transform them into reality. Ultimately, we would like to find ourselves as an originator of the place called earth, where everyone stays together with no discrimination or racism rather, stays together by exchanging a great league of culture, religion, and freedom.


Our primary aim to circulate extraordinary concepts of arts, science, and technology. Partially we are thinking to bring an open forum for entrepreneurial initiatives by channelizing a new room for human resource, global business with a proper channel of social entrepreneurship. Alongside, we will be delighted to generate new wings of fire into humanitarian, philanthropic and rights of the living. Our focus is to re-energize the perceptions of environmental, economical and to strengthen the international relations by sustaining the term of world peace.


Presently, we are recruiting soldiers to run our soldiery. If you think we can work together for a better world then your journey starts here. Please feel free to apply through the following link:

(Please note: We don’t believe in the conventional way of hiring people and we don’t prefer to understand them through their resumes. We believe in sociocracy and let’s make the conversation more interesting through this innovative process of sharing dialogues)


Write us for any kind of queries, information, donation related questions or collaboration.